Biorhythm program

Biorhythms is a program that calculates and analyzes the three biorythmic cycles, physical, intellectual and emotional, displaying information of when each cycle will peak.

The program can calculate the user's biorythm based on their birthdate and displays results on a week-by-week basis for up to 97 years ahead.

The results will help users decide when to make certain decisions based on the peaks of each cycle, and when not to make them. A few of the key features of the Biorhythms program are the ability to store biorythm information of over 60.

000 people in its database, a "Names in History" feature, which displays biorythm information of 500 different historical figures, charts that can be fully customized to display information using bars, points or lines, an optional master cycle that can show a daily average of all three cycles, general astrological informatiom and many other features.

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